When investigating the right CSS solution for your business, there are going to be specific criteria that you need to tick off before making a decision. One of which is going to be the cost – cost of service, cost of switching, cost of support. Recent research from Google shows that retail customers look for greater value for money, not just the cheapest choice and our experience is that this attitude is also translating into B2B spending decision.   

There are cheap options for a CSS partner that will suit some types of businesses, and there are options which on face value cost more but offer immense value. At Productcaster, we know that we fall into the second category. Which is why we often hear the question...  

"But if I can get the same service cheaper elsewhere, why would I choose Productcaster?”  

And it is a valid question. Why should you choose a Premium CSS partner over a more budget option, particularly in this era of price sensitivity, cost of living pressures and the subsequent budget squeezing.  

For us, it’s very clear. Premium partners like Productcaster CSS offer a level of service that you’re just not going to get from companies at the bottom end of the cost scale.  

We have had customers leave us, only to return with stories such as  

“We waited 4 days for a return email on a service critical issue.” 

“We emailed and were told to contact Google as it wasn’t covered in our service plan.” 

“It felt like <previous provider> just didn’t care about our business.” 

And that’s the real difference. At Productcaster, our Client Success Team is dedicated to supporting clients with their issues, understanding their business goals and being a true partner for success. We act as a true partner for our clients. We delve into their business objectives and make sure that we identify the right campaign bidding strategy to meet these goals. Our team respond to client queries quickly and efficiently so that they don’t have to waste time waiting for a response to business impacting issues. And we use every tool at our disposal to optimise client campaigns, so they don’t have to.  

Case in point, Client G who said 

“After trialling other cheaper partners, we ultimately chose to go with Productcaster. Not only did our campaigns perform better with Productcaster CSS, but the support and advice has been invaluable. Coupled with the simple migration and transparency of our monthly cost, the decision was an easy one to make.” 

Premium* Productcaster Package Benefits 

  • Exclusive access to the latest Google tools and Beta trials 
  • Fortnightly strategic support call  
  • Quarterly Google strategy planning call 
  • Priority Google ticket support 
  • Ongoing access to expert troubleshooting advice and guidance  
  • Reporting framework capabilities  
  • Quarterly FeedCheck 
  • Free 1 Month Trial 

To book your demo and free trial, drop us an email today.  

*Other CSS packages are available