About FeedManager
What is FeedManager?
FeedManager is our proprietary feed management technology, developed by marketers, for marketers. This means that it answers every feed management challenge you may face, from making quick changes to the feed, to mapping the feed format to your various marketing channels.
How does FeedManager work?
FeedManager receives your source feed and ensures that it is in the correct format and optimised to each marketing channel you publish your feed out to. Optimisations are set up as Transformations (using the information already available in your feed to improve it) and Enrichments (uploading additional files to update promotions, colours, overwrite titles and descriptions). All optimisations will be applied at master feed or partner feed level, meaning that you can tailor your published products to the different partners from one space. The platform enables you to be reactive to outside events that might require a change of feed strategy: you can change your feed yourself without having to go through a development or IT team. You are empowered to retake control of your product feed.
Why use a Feed Management solution?
Why do I need a feed management solution?
FeedManager's simplicity and ease of use saves you time. Time is crucial in marketing and we want to give you back time that would otherwise be spent on battling to get your feed in a place. Productcaster's FeedManager is simple, intuitive and the best time saving investment you can make.