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Resetting the Rules for Good

You’re paying too much…We can save you up to 75%…

As digital marketers, we’ve been responsible for running online marketing for some of Europe’s most successful brands and retailers for the last 18 years.

To consistently deliver great results for our clients, we’ve created marketing technology that gives our clients an ‘edge’ and makes it easy for us to manage their product feed driven campaigns.

When we looked around the feed management technology market and spoke to retailers, they complained of complicated software with unnecessary features that offered poor value for money.

We realised that our feed management technology, used by our clients for the last 18 years, is exactly what retailers are asking for. So, we’ve decided to make the technology available to you too.

Even better, we’ve decided to only charge for services that cost us money. Adding more feeds, countries and SKUs doesn’t cost us a penny more so we see no good reason to charge you for growing your business.

We give you infinite access to grow…

In fact, we want to give you unlimited (we call it infinite) access for a one-off launch fee. Once we’ve helped you optimise the performance of your existing product feed and migrate to FeedManager using our Safe Launch process, you can add as many products, channels and markets as you wish. All changes are in your gift but we’re here to help when you need some ‘brainy hands’. Every month, following launch, we’ll ask you for a fixed nominal fee to cover your access to the FeedManager platform, our technical support and our expert knowledge base.

It is as simple as that. No hidden charges. No more fees every time you make a change as you grow your business.

In fact, we guarantee we will save you up to 75% off your current feed management fees.
(Offer valid until August 31, 2019)

3 simple steps to freedom…

Step 1

Using our FeedManager technology, we review your feed and make recommendations to optimise performance including a detailed report that explains what you can improve.

Step 2

Using our thorough on-boarding programme, our team will help you prepare for an efficient, safe launch. We’ll incorporate transparent optimisation strategies for you ensuring you launch for growth.

Step 3

You’ll have 365 24/7 access to our FeedManager SAAS platform. Create as many new products, channels or markets as you like – it’s unlimited! You also have access to our support team and knowledge base around the clock.

Welcome to an award-winning platform…


  • Publish across all major feed driven marketing partners and marketplaces
  • Ability to publish across new partners on request
  • Easily transform your product feed to partner specific requirements
  • Add data fields to your feed including margin and promotions with our ‘Field Transformer’ features
  • Be in control of when you want to publish to partners, through automated scheduling and manual publishing


  • Adding additional content to your product feeds at scale, improving data availability and quality
  • Automatically enrich content e.g. titles and descriptions with your latest promotional message
  • Normalise colour ways with our extensive colour library, reflecting how customers search (e.g. mocha to brown)
  • Adding mandatory data including GTINs and MPNs, avoiding partner disapprovals


  • Automated and manual optimisation routines at a master and partner level
  • Transform the content of your feed, matching how a customer searches for your products
  • Create custom labels to support optimisation routines and reporting
  • Only publish products which drive the best Return on Investment


  • Feed Check: we review your feed and make recommendations to optimise performance
  • Understand at a glance when your feed was published and how many products were published
  • Feed alerts to highlight significant changes to your feed which require investigation

Retailers and agencies using Productcaster to grow their sales include…

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