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About Productcaster

Make every product matter

Our publishing engine, Productcaster, is designed to help brands products reach the widest possible audience across all digital channels.

Productcaster is a brand which is owned and operated by Summit. Specialists in online retailing, Summit has developed performance marketing technology for retailers and brands for the last 18 years.

Productcaster comprises of two key components:

Feed Manager

Our feed management solution takes a single product feed from a retailer and adjusts it to suit partners’ requirements. It is compatible with all feed-driven partners across ecommerce – both marketing and on site – and enables you to configure and apply rules for each partner. Using feed manager, you can optimise product feed attributes to improve performance, for example you can add ‘must have’ attributes such as GTINs or MPNs and optimise product titles and descriptions, either across the entire feed or at specific partner level.


Comparison Shopping Service

By publishing a retailer’s product feed to our multi category comparison site, we can enable retailers to save money on their product ads across Google Shopping. More competitive media rates are available through bidding via the CSS approach rather than the traditional PLA approach. We take your feed published through the merchant centre and automatically update our comparison site to reflect the changes made in your product feed.

Productcaster is managed and developed by the marketing technology division of Summit Media.

Call our Productcaster team on +44 (0)20 3948 4696 or email

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