Productcaster has onboarded 20 new merchants in the first quarter of 2024.

Our new merchants have helped to generate 344m clicks from its product listing ads over the period, which is up 10% compared to 2023 and 15% on 2022. Some of the new merchants enjoying this success include Get Laid Beds, The Paint Shed, Trade-Mart, Rapha, Appliance Electronics, Alepoc and Craftine.

Over the course of 2023, our merchants achieved a record breaking £1.1bn in sales and we onboarded 1,026 merchants.

Some of our global brands include Silentnight, Quatropi and Kurt Geiger, who benefit from a suite of performance marketing tools built by marketers for marketers and designed to increase ROI, simplify campaign management, and improve efficiency.

We will shortly be launching Product Maximiser, a data-driven analysis system to spot trendy products, boost performance and make merchant centre management easier. It will also support client delivery teams with proprietary technology, Compass, which is designed to streamline paid search account management and ensure best practice is implemented.

Martin Corcoran, CEO of Productcaster, said: “For the remainder of 2024, Productcaster has set new targets to ensure delivery of a premium service to all merchants, driving even greater opportunity for ecommerce performance during 2024. With Google trialling new formats across the SERP, and shopping becoming ever more dominant, the industry is always changing and support will be key, and with 24 years’ experience in retail, the team at Productcaster are well placed to offer this service.”