Productcaster helped a leading UK eCommerce brand achieve remarkable cost savings while increasing their online traffic by 45%. 

The Challenge 

Our client, a prominent retailer in the UK, was on a mission to enhance their omnichannel strategy. Their primary objectives were to drive sales and reduce operational costs.

The client partnered with us to understand if they could make these cost savings by using Productcaster Comparison Shopping Service. They were also intrigued to see if this could improve their Comparison Shopping Ads performance. 

The Approach 

The approach we took was simple, yet effective. We wanted to fairly test the financial impact of switching to Productcaster’s CSS, and therefore captured data on the following metrics:  

  • Cost per Click  
  • Click Through Rate  
  • Clicks  
  • Impressions  

This data was then compared to the previous four weeks to observe the key differences and provide sound results. In addition, to ensure we removed the effect of seasonality, we also compared this eight-week data period with the same period from the previous year. 

The Results 

The outcomes of our collaboration with Productcaster exceeded all expectations, delivering substantial benefits to our client: 

35% Reduction in CPCs: Our client achieved their primary goal of reducing costs significantly, with CPCs slashed by an impressive 35%. 

44% Increase in Clicks: The transition to Productcaster led to a remarkable 44% surge in clicks, highlighting the positive impact on traffic generation. 

31% Increase in CTR: The enhanced performance also resulted in a 31% increase in Click Through Rate, demonstrating improved engagement with potential customers.

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