We're offering you the chance to "win peak with Google" and get your hands on practical advice on optimising your Google Shopping campaigns to drive profit and sales during this Golden Quarter. Learn from over 20 years of retail performance marketing experience, coupled with industry insight from the world's most recognised ecommerce company!

Download this guide for

  • Google insight into the retail economic landscape  
  • Tips on how to fine tune your campaigns 
  •  Advice on the best tools to use  

This download is based on our webinar (20 September 2023), hosted by Productcaster CEO Martin Corcoran and Account Director Gina Farrow, alongside Brian Lavery, Google’s Head of UK & Ireland Shopping ads via CSS.  

During this hour-long session, our panel discussed all things Google Shopping, including strong asset management, making the most of maturing PMax, and how to utilise Google’s real estate like Local Inventory Ads.  

If you’d like the full details, you can re-watch the content here.  And if you want to get in touch to claim your free one-month trial of Productcaster, drop us an email today

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