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Calling all agencies and retailers! Do you want to know how to maximise ROI from Google Shopping this peak and beyond?

It’s not too late; join our 45-minute webinar on Wednesday 14th November to find out how you can do exactly that.

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The webinar will be hosted by Commercial Director of Productcaster, John Readman, and Dave Trolle, Managing Director of Marketing Technology. We’ll also be joined by Jeff Mainwood, Head of Performance Marketing at Productcaster client Sigma Sports, and Peter Whitmarsh, Head of Paid Media at Search Laboratory.

Productcaster webinar speakers

Here’s what the webinar will cover.

Google Shopping CSS if for life, not just for Christmas

At Productcaster, we have helped online retailers benefit from and save with our comparison shopping service. Working with established brands such as Argos, Joules, Durex and more, we understand the importance of Google Shopping Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) all year round. Although peak is the prime time to get on board with Google Shopping CSS, it is certainly for life, and not just for Christmas.

We know that peak time is fast approaching, however, it’s not too late to start benefiting from Google Shopping CSS. During our webinar, you will learn about how to save and improve your ROI from Google Shopping this Christmas and beyond.

Choosing the right partner to protect your brand or your customer’s brand

With first hand knowledge from both a retailer and agency side, discover top tips and insight about how to choose the right CSS partner that will protect your band, or your client’s brand. This is an essential step that you must get right in order to maximise ROI from Google Shopping.

Client and agency success stories revealed

All this talk of CSS and Google Shopping savings is well and good, but where’s the proof?

In our webinar, we’ll pull back the curtain and share the stories of how some of our clients have improved their ROI from Google Shopping advertising. Listen to the real-life studies that have helped brands improve their Google Shopping strategy to drive success.

Q&A and online debate with your peers and industry specialists

For just 45 minutes of your time, the webinar will give you the opportunity to learn, discuss and debate with like-minded peers and industry specialists.

We look forward to having you join us. Sign up now!

Date: Wednesday, 14.11.2018
Time: 3.00pm GMT
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