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When it comes to Comparison Shopping Services (CSS), Google Shopping, is probably the most recognised and acknowledged platform out there. Comparison sites provide a space where retailers can advertise their products and attract new customers through targeted ads, and they have consequentially increased in popularity in the last few years following Google’s EU fine back in 2017.


But with an influx of providers competing in the CSS gold rush, website functionality and website quality became a low priority for many CSS partners. 18 months on, we take a look at the most important industry must-haves for Comparison Shopping Sites.


  1. Site Speed


Google’s view of a website’s quality includes many factors, yet site speed is up at the top. That is the time it takes to fully display the content on the page, and it’s not only Google who deems this an important element when browsing a site. Studies have shown that page abandonment increases with each second that goes by with slow load time, increasing shopper frustration and consumer loyalty to a brand.


  1. Functionality and User Experience

Across ecommerce websites, the same story rings true that a clear design has multiple benefits for both the user and site host. As well as being easier to navigate from page to page, simple websites allow users a smoother experience as sections are easier to read and find. As a result, a brand can experience better engagement, reduced bounce rate, and improved ROI.


  1. Devices

Optimising websites for different devices isn’t news. However, in the rush to access the CSS discounts many retailers have overlooked the importance of having a CSS provider which both caters to mobile, tablet and desktop. The importance of reaching customers on all devices as they move through various touchpoints in their buying journey is stronger than ever.

iphone producaster

  1. Filters

The use of filters on a CSS helps increase relevancy and availability for the user. Make sure your CSS platform has this right to improve the chances of your products being found in less time, ultimately serving your potential customers more effectively. If a user can’t find the product in a quick enough time, they make look for other alternatives to shop elsewhere.

Filters on Productcaster

  1. Clear Product Descriptions

Comparison sites can be a hectic experience for consumers with many ads jumping out grasping for attention. Therefore, it’s important your CSS platform serves a clear and concise copy to benefit the consumer and their shopping experience. For example, Productcaster uses product cards to click through to relevant product pages offering more detail and further engagement from the user.

Productcaster has a continuous roadmap to ensure we stay at the forefront of technology and industry developments. If you’d like to find out more about how to get your brand and products onto Producaster, contact a member of our team via or call via + 44 (0)20 3948 4696

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