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Productcaster CSS solution for Retailers

Improve your PLA performance

As an official Google Comparison Shopping Partner, Productcaster enables retailers of any size to improve their PLA performance by entering the Google Shopping Ads auction at a more competitive media rate via a Comparison Shopping Service partner. This has the benefit of increasing your impression share for the same cost as you are paying today and improving your ROI.

Our specialist Comparison Shopping trained shopping team will support your migration to using Google CSS whilst ensuring no changes to the way that you currently manage your PLA activity. You are fully in control at all times and will continue to manage your campaigns directly from your current Merchant Centre.

We provide you with…

  • Full onboarding and seamless migration from our expert shopping team – we offer a fully managed, easy process that is Google compliant
  • A proprietary measurement and reporting framework to help you accurately monitor the performance improvement of the migration to the new CSS format
  • Coverage across all EU markets, including multi-lingual support
    Your products included on
  • Productcaster, our Google-approved shopping comparison site
  • A dedicated helpdesk, knowledge base and support

The only change you’ll see is the link in the Shopping advert.  Where it says ‘By Google’ will change to ‘By Productcaster’.

How to get started – 5 simple steps to improve your Google ROI

  1. We associate your Google merchant centre with our Comparison Shopping merchant centre
  2. We publish your products to the Productcaster comparison shopping site, using your feed
  3. We launch a test with a sample of your campaigns and measure the performance uplift
  1. We assist you in opting the rest of your campaigns into the Comparison Shopping ad format
  2. Your adverts now appear in Google Shopping with the message ‘ads by Productcaster’


How long does it take to get up and running?

Around 2-3 days


Which markets is the Comparison Shopping Service available in?

All EU countries that Google offer Google Shopping: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom


Will this affect the way I manage my shopping campaigns?

No. You will still be in full control of your campaigns. All activity is managed through your existing Google merchant center and Adwords account. All targeting, optimisation and reporting remains the same


How will my shopping ads change under the new CSS ad format?

There is very little change to your ad. Product name, image, price, brand and ratings will still appear. The only change is the ‘by Google’ link will change to by Productcaster. If a user clicks on this link they will be taken to the Productcaster site to compare products in the same way as clicking on the By Google link. There is no additional cost for the click to or from the Productcaster site.


Will there be any downtime with my campaigns?

There will be no impact to your ad serving when transitioning to new CSS ad format

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