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WATCH: CNBC Interviews Dave Trolle, Managing Director of Marketing Technology

Getting to the bottom of the importance of selling online, Dave Trolle, Managing Director of Marketing Technology for Summit, discussed with CNBC how retailers and agencies can expand their offering online.

Speaking of Summit’s 18-year experience in helping the biggest brands in retail, Dave stated success can be attributed to having understood the value in their marketing technology. The importance of having the right tools behind your business is what will ultimately make you stand out in the ever-changing competitive market.

“We’re now launching FeedManager as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to the market across Europe and ultimately the world as well.” FeedManager, which launched at the FUTR Europe Summit 2019 in April, identifies as being the best and simplest product feed software available.

“If you try publishing those (products) directly from your ecommerce platform to paid social, paid search or display channels, you’re not really in control of how you want to optimise them to make sure you get the best performance.”

“Our solution means you can control which products you want to promote and at what time. You might find there is a certain product that isn’t relevant for you to promote because it’s low margin, so you have the ability to control what you market to your customers and measure how effective that is by changing your content within your product feeds for specific channels.”

Dave goes onto explain that the way trading and merchandising teams write and promote product content, often doesn’t reflect how people search. “Our technology helps you transform that to be much more relevant, (…) and ultimately reach 10 x more the amount of customers and generate many more sales and revenue from your activity.”

But how important is it for retailers to make sure their products come up in wider searches as opposed to the likes of Bing and Google alone?

Dave continues “It’s so important. From a paid media point of view and all channels that our feed management solution supports, ultimately, you’re only as good as the marketing activity that you have online.”

“Your brand presence and people being aware of your product is fine, (for your loyal customers), but actually to make sure you acquire new customers, you need to make sure you’re reaching the maximum amount of channels. “

“Our feed management solution allows you to do that, we’re agnostic of any platform, any channel and also any market as well. If you’re an apparel retailer for example who’s looking to move to market in France, Germany and other European countries, you’ve got the ability to scale at pace very quickly with our solution.”


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