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Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) Productcaster One Year On

It’s been around two years since Google received a record €2.4bn fine in 2017 for favouring its own shopping comparison service over its competitors. Just over a year after the fine, the multinational technology giant opened up the playing field for more Comparison...

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The Future for Voice Search & Feed Marketing

Voice search is not new. In fact, the conversation around this type of technology has been ongoing for some time. The build-up and anticipation of ‘the year of voice search’ have been at every digital marketing expedition for the last 6 years, and yet there is...

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How Google Shopping Works With Comparison Shopping Services

Since Google’s record $2.7 billion fine from the EU in June 2017, Google continue to be tasked by the European Commission to increase competition in the Shopping ad unit and provide users with a greater choice on products. As a result, Google Shopping was opened to...

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