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Pros & Cons of Multiple CSS

It isn’t the first time that Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) have come under examination from retailers and agencies who are trying to get the best possible outcome for their performance. Back in August 2018, Productcaster reported on the key strategies to get the...

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Setting Up For a Strong Peak with Savings For Your Business

Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) have been around for over 18 months, yet not all retailers and brands have taken advantage of the opportunity to make big savings on their Google Shopping fees and improve overall performance. With peak fast approaching, here at...

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How Do I Manage My Data Feeds?

Any brand or retailer knows that the key to success in reaching their potential customers with their products not only in the right place but also at the right time. However, for some, it doesn’t always feel that simple.   If you’re a growing business the challenge is...

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The Most Undervalued Asset in Digital Marketing…

When it comes to staying at the top of your digital marketing game, there are many things for brands to consider. From ensuring the right foundations are in place, such as having a strong team, great software and tools to do their job efficiently and effectively, to...

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Get Ready For Peak With Productcaster

As veterans in trading during peak for retailers, we know how this period can make or break retailers. With up to 40% of a retailer’s sales typically driven through October and December alone, a poor trading period has resulted in many retail casualties in the first...

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