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Black Friday & Google Shopping. Are Your Campaigns Ready?

The Christmas deals, the hysteria in shops and the bargain finders out in full force can only mean one thing, Black Friday is upon us. The exciting time for retailers and consumers alike starts as early as the third week in November and continues for two weeks or more...

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5 Best Practices for Comparison Shopping Sites

When it comes to Comparison Shopping Services (CSS), Google Shopping, is probably the most recognised and acknowledged platform out there. Comparison sites provide a space where retailers can advertise their products and attract new customers through targeted ads, and...

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How to Ensure an Omnichannel Experience For Your Customers

Looking back at how retail has evolved over the last ten years, it seems perplexing to think of a time where manually flicking through catalogues, waiting a week for the delivery without tracking, and walking into a store with little to no knowledge of the products,...

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How to Prepare for Peak with Google Shopping

It might seem strange to think that for many the Christmas period doesn’t start in December, but instead started months ago. The planning period for marketers, (which can often start even earlier than September,) is an essential component in the delivery and success...

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Pros & Cons of Multiple CSS

It isn’t the first time that Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) have come under examination from retailers and agencies who are trying to get the best possible outcome for their performance. Back in August 2018, Productcaster reported on the key strategies to get the...

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Setting Up For a Strong Peak with Savings For Your Business

Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) have been around for over 18 months, yet not all retailers and brands have taken advantage of the opportunity to make big savings on their Google Shopping fees and improve overall performance. With peak fast approaching, here at...

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