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CSS: Continuing Service & Support into 2019

As marketers find themselves already in the full swing of 2019, it is easy to move ahead with plans and activity without reflection on key learnings from the previous 12 months. Measurement and analysis are a key part of any smart marketer’s marketing protocol in...

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Product Data Feeds are Integral to Online Success in 2019

In 2019, retailers’ product data feed is expected to become the core of a successful paid marketing activity. A feed, which in basic terminology consists of a list of products and their defined attributes, must reflect a systematic and detailed product management...

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Productcaster Continues to Dominate the CSS Landscape

The Current CSS Landscape Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) have created plenty of noise in the online retail space during 2018. Whether an agency, retailer or consumer, most have encountered the change in the Google Shopping market through seeking the reward...

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Google CSS Partner Changes

On the 12th December 2018 Google announced there will be changes to the criteria for Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partners which take effect from 31st January 2019. At Productcaster, we have already noticed that there is a shake-up in the market, with brands...

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Google’s SpendMatch Incentive is Changing

The attractive incentives offered in Google Shopping earlier this year were enough to grab any retailer’s attention. In an effort to achieve a more balanced relationship within the shopping auction and improve overall competition, Google introduced the CSS Partner...

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Productcaster Awarded Google Premium Partner Status

Productcaster has been awarded Premium Partner status by search giant Google. The coveted Premium Partner programme recognises expertise in helping agencies and retailers reach their customers through the Google Shopping platform, and cements Productcaster’s...

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