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The Rise of Dynamic Ads

  Since Facebook announced the launch of their Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) in Feb 2015, the feed-based ad formats have played a pivotal role in the global growth of Facebook advertising. Facebook stated as of March 2019, there are more than 2.38 billion monthly active...

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Webinar: “Alexa, is Google Shopping still relevant?”

Since the launch of Product Listing Ads in 2012, retailers have benefited from incremental sales, with the channel overtaking traditional PPC in the number of sales generated. Is the importance of Google Shopping now under threat from the increasing advertising...

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Google CSS Case Study: An ongoing opportunity?

Despite Google’s ad credit coming to an end in December 2018, the 20% reductions in CPCs afforded to CSS partners are still very much in play and will remain one of the key benefits of CSS indefinitely. This remains a significant opportunity for any retailer or brand...

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Local Inventory Ads: An Untapped Opportunity

An Opportunity for Multichannel Retailers to Play to Their Strengths Local Inventory Ads (LIAs) have been a key player in the digital marketing landscape since 2016. However, although arguably no longer new, they still prove tough to manage, especially during busy...

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FeedManager on the Innovation Stage at FUTR Europe 2019

Last week John Readman, Commercial Director of Productcaster, took stage at the FUTR Europe 2019 event to launch FeedManager. Learn more about why feed management is so important, how you can plan effectively for your growth and begin making savings for your business....

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FeedManager Launch at FUTR Europe London 2019

Productcaster took centre stage at this year’s FUTR Europe Summit to announce the launch of our in-house technology, FeedManager, being available to brands and agencies for the first time. Taking place at the Business Design Centre, the event welcomed forward thinking...

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Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns

Majority of partners are considering the use of Smart Shopping Campaigns and are instantly seeing a reduction in CPCs. In this article, we’ll look at what this means for the future of online shopping for both Productcaster and our Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)...

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