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When it comes to staying at the top of your digital marketing game, there are many things for brands to consider. From ensuring the right foundations are in place, such as having a strong team, great software and tools to do their job efficiently and effectively, to understanding the market, their customers and how best to reach them when they need to most, there’s plenty to consider.

Yet even with all of the above, brands are missing simple opportunities, many of which relate to a brands product discovery. Why are brands missing the mark when it came to reaching their customers especially when as a consequence this means also missing out on potential revenue? At Productcaster we wanted to discover the main reasons why and what improvements needed to be made to help brands further their marketing potential. We collated the key findings in this handy infographic along with some top-level recommendations. Feel free to share with your team, colleagues and on social and have your say using the hashtag #ProductFeedChallenges – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Productcaster FeedManager Infographic

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