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It’s been over a year since Comparison Shopping Services (CSSs) first flooded the market following Google’s anti-trust ruling for favouring their own shopping comparison service. Since then, a lot has changed. Not only did the market see an influx of agencies and existing CSS promote their services to brands and retailers to level out the playing field. It also saw a decline due to regulations and benchmarks set by Google to keep the standard of CSSs high.

However through it all, Productcaster has gone from strength to strength. Now with over 200 retailers, and over 500 individual merchant accounts in over 22 countries, Productcaster proves its title and top position of Europe’s largest CSS platform.

But as an agency or retailer who has still not taken advantage of the incentives of CSS, here’s a run-through of what you’re still missing out on…


Up to 20% Savings on Your Google Shopping Campaigns


The incentive that first captured the attention of retailers and agencies back in early 2018, was an opportunity to make huge savings on their Cost Per Click (CPCs) advertising efforts. Entering the auction via a CSS solution meant brands can access the discount, yet for some, it wasn’t as simple as seemed.

Some CSSs claimed the requirement for access to Google Merchant Centres or the need to create duplicate accounts, causing difficulty in reporting and onboarding over to a CSS. We worked closely with the team at Google to recognise the most efficient and effective setup when testing and migrating to our Productcaster solution and this is still the one we follow to this day.

Although other benefits such as the 30% ad credit were in place for retailers who adopted CSS until October 31st 2018, and 5% from Nov 1st – Dec 31st, the main incentive for many that remains is the 20% CPC savings.


A Seamless Onboarding and Launch


At Productcaster we pride ourselves on a smooth onboarding process, using a hassle-free solution that enables you to access all the benefits. We’re integrated with Google Merchant Centre content APIs, so you can access the benefits immediately.

Using our measurement framework and with unlimited access to our specialist shopping team, you’ll have all the tools you need to ensure using a CSS is a success for your brand. We’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to.


Wider Reach and Coverage


Serving in excess of over 90 million products, Productcaster CSS receives high volumes of traffic from potential customers. This means Productcaster clients receive incremental free traffic via the CSS platform as well as being featured alongside some of the biggest brands in the retailing industry.

Our scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution allows coverage across all EU markets, including multi-lingual support. For brands who are expanding into new territories and markets, this type of support can be hugely beneficial to grow at both pace and scale.


Ongoing Support from the Experts


A dedicated helpdesk, knowledge base and support are all key factors to look for when searching for the best CSS for your business. Understand how many and what brands they have live on their platform? What is their process to seamlessly onboard you onto CSS? What support is available during the move over?

If you’re still wanting to find out more about deciding on your CSS, take a look at our 5 top tips on how to choose the best CSS for your business

As well as a dedicated team, Productcaster provides you with access to our FeedCheck service. As feed experts, our feed audit service makes recommendations on how to best optimise performance, providing a detailed report that explains where and what you improve.

If you’d like to find out more about CSS or how to best optimise your feed contact or call +44 (0)20 3948 4696



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