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The fashion industry has been at the centre of many critiques for the last few years. With high street stores closing and profit warnings from major retailers, the belief by many is a strong and well-executed online marketing strategy is what will drive brands forward. After all, it isn’t that the high street is dying, but instead adapting to a more digitally focussed world. Brands such as Polaroid didn’t go into bankruptcy because the photography industry was becoming extinct. It instead suffered the consequences because it did not evolve with the times.

According to research by PwC, the gap between store closures and store openings in the UK has reached an all-time low. In total, 3,372 shops opened in 2018, whilst 5,833 closed. The 2,461-difference meant that for a large proportion of these retailers, their proposition, whether in one specific area or in multiple areas across their business, had failed to deliver in an ever-changing competitive market.

Productcaster, and parent company, Summit, have worked with fashion brands for over 18 years and includes established names such as Joules, Yours Clothing and M&Co. We ensure their proposition stays relevant, cost efficiency remains a priority and overall online performance is driven forward. If you’re a fashion retailer looking to progress your online marketing efforts and evolve with the times, here’s our top 8 tips from our experts:


Take control over your feed marketing

Find a feed management provider that enables your business to enrich and optimise your feed driven marketing at pace without being slowed down by your IT team. A feed management solution that enables you to take out the middleman creates an opportunity for your business to run smoother whilst saving time and money.


Enrich your content with product attributes

Create automated rules to ensure all content includes size, gender, material and brand which are not typically written in product titles and descriptions by the merchandisers. Retailers within the fashion industry often have large product inventories and products varying in size, colour and styles, so it is important all basis are covered with a feed management tool which is dynamic to make such changes.

Match your searcher intent

Although it might sound great to call a sofa ‘mocha’ instead of ‘brown’ in your product title, it doesn’t always match searcher intent. Normalise colour-ways with our extensive colour library, reflecting how customers search (e.g. teal to green) and as a result, expanding your potential reach to customers.

Localised content

Depending on what markets you currently sell or intend to sell your products, it is important to think about how to adapt your terminology for individual markets. Transform content to be relevant for the target audience as you enter new markets e.g. trainers to sneakers and trousers to pants (UK to the US).

React to changes in demand

A sure way to stay ahead of the curve and beat your competition is your agility to respond. Find a platform that allows you to take advantage of rapid changes in demand driven by external factors such as celebrities wearing the new look and events such as festivals, race-days and weather.

Managing out of stock based on attributes

During busy sale periods, it is common for stock levels to change quickly. Using a dynamic feed management platform like Productcaster enables you to exclude items at item group ID level e.g. if most popular sizes or colours are out of stock.

Fixed fee charging

Avoid being penalised by the high number of SKU’s driven by product sizes and colours. Find a feed management software that works for you and your business with a fixed fee charging approach. This means you won’t be stopped in pursuit of your business growth.

Infinite access to grow

There are often many challenges when scaling your business, however expanding into new markets, with more products and with new publishers (e.g. Amazon, Facebook, eBay) should not be one of them. Productcaster enables fashion brands to export to new markets and publishers (including emerging vertical-specific partners) without increasing the costs.


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If you’d like to find out more about Productcaster’s free Feed Check or book in for a demo by getting in touch via or call on +44(0)203 910 7026

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