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The Christmas deals, the hysteria in shops and the bargain finders out in full force can only mean one thing, Black Friday is upon us. The exciting time for retailers and consumers alike starts as early as the third week in November and continues for two weeks or more including Cyber Monday and beyond.

With the market forever hotting up, retailers need to have an edge and stay ahead of the competition. One way in which they can ensure such success is with a well planned and executed Google Shopping strategy. We cover the basics of how you can ensure you’re setting yourself for a profitable period.


Get Your Budget Ready, Set…Go!


Ensure you have enough budget in the bank to bid strategically and boost the daily budgets for your campaigns. Avoid feeling restricted by your budget early on by putting measures in place to be as strategic as possible. To do this, use historical data to make informed choices and capture those opportunities you perhaps once missed in the past. In the same turn, if your business has a reserved budget for the Black Friday rush, use it. Don’t be left feeling like you could have done more when demand starts to slow down. Use the recommendations tab in your account to get the best tips to improve your bespoke campaigns.


Optimise Feeds Ahead of Black Friday


It might sound obvious but there will be those who miss out on incremental revenue for their business through general optimisations in the feed ahead of Black Friday. Ensure all products are uploaded and sale prices are included as these may often appear different in the feed. The most common issues include GTINs, price and shipping mismatches and text on images.

Feed disapprovals and warnings can often take time to fix, so allow plenty of time to get these done in time. Include any promotions that may require a code and set up merchant promotions in good time directly through the Merchant Centre. You can also set up alerts in case your key products drop in performance, giving you time to react and minimise any disruption.


Campaign Management


Set up priority campaigns for your best-selling products in your feed. Whether or not these are new items or best sellers, ensure your feed is up to date with all relevant information. Be sure to include all key attributes which will increase your chance of appearing over your competitors. The more information Google deems useful to the customer, the more chance you have of showing ads. Setting these campaigns as a high priority will increase the likelihood of them going into the shopping auction first. Make sure your budget strategy reflects your most prized products and campaigns. Having a strategy that plays the long game over the peak period will prove more beneficial than splurging on one day alone.


Tailor Bidding for Optimum Performance


Make the most of your bidding strategy by planning early on. Use Smart Shopping Campaigns and ensure automation is applied to measure and learn over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. It’s important to understand when to tweak bidding, think of your key metrics including impression share and click share. Monitor these closely and boost bids and budget to match any poor performance.


Want to make sure you’re ready for Black Friday? Speak to a member of our Productcaster team who can discuss how to make the most out of your campaigns this peak. Contact a member of our team via or call via + 44 (0)20 3948 4696

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