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With over 70% of retail search and spending being delivered by Google Shopping ads (1), the advent of Comparison Shopping Services in the summer of 2018 represented a real opportunity for retailers to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of their Google Shopping campaigns.

Offering a margin saving of up to 20% (2), understandably retailers are keen to launch their product portfolios in partnership with one of the many CSS providers available.

Available only within the territories of the EEA, a common question asked is “what do I do when I have multiple non- EEA territories being targeted within a single Merchant Centre Account?”

Can I still use CSS and target territories outside of the EEA?

The answer is yes you can, but you need to split out your merchant centre first.

In this article we will show you the step-by-step process on how you can execute with minimal disruption to your Google Shopping Activity, by following the simple guidelines below:

Step 1

Create the new Merchant Centre ID for your EEA and CH territories.

Step 2

Move the European feeds into the new Merchant Centre ID

Google have suggested to move the European feeds, so we can focus only on managing these, and that way the non-European feeds remain in the existing GSE Merchant Centre ID and won’t require any extra steps to move back

Note: If you decide to split out your non-European feeds don’t claim the domain until you have linked the European feeds to the Productcaster MCA. This should ensure that the website verification and claiming is done properly. Once the European MCID is under the CSS MCA, you can then have the merchant claim their website URL in the MCID for non-European feeds.

Step 3

The AdWords accounts targeting European markets linked to the original Merchant Centre ID must be linked to the new Merchant Centre ID that houses the European feeds.

Step 4

Provide Productcaster with the new Merchant Centre IDs, API keys and updated consent form with the new Merchant Centre IDs.

Step 5

The AdWords CSS association will happen automatically once the appropriate AdWords accounts are linked to the MCID associated with the CSS MCA.

Step 6

Google have said that performance should catch up again very quickly.


Before you start the step-by-step process, you should inform your CSS provider. If you don’t currently have a CSS provider and would like to find out more contact or call  +44 (0)20 3948 4696



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