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Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

Reaching millions of potential customers each day

In an effort to improve competition within the shopping auction, Google has implemented a thorough training and certification process in order to certify accredited comparison shopping partners. As an official partner we have in-depth knowledge of technical setup and campaign management. We are perfectly placed to help retailers and advertisers make the most of Google Shopping ads, reaching millions of potential customers each day.

A new opportunity for advertisers

  • Following the EU antitrust ruling last year, Google created a programme for comparison shopping sites such as Kelkoo to appear in the general search results page from September 2017
  • The objective of this initiative is to increase the competition in Google’s shopping ad space (ads are not just ‘by Google’)

What changes?

  • Google Shopping ads activity is still managed through Adwords (there are no changes to the settings, targeting or optimisation)
  • The only change is that activity is managed through a Comparison Shopping Site (CSS) Merchant Centre
  • The customer journey on Google will be very similar to the current journey and all ads will feature in the same auction
  • The customers’ primary destination will remain completely unchanged, going straight through to the product page of the retailer
  • The only change in the customer journey is the link in Shopping advert where it says ‘by Google’ will change to the comparison site brand name.
“We’re pleased to welcome Productcaster as a Comparison Shopping Service partner. Their technological capability and retail experience makes them a welcome arrival to our CSS programme.”

Ian Carrington, MD Performance Media Solutions EMEA Google

“After trialling other CSS partners we chose Productcaster given their great performance, simple migration, no need to set up new accounts and transparency of pricing. We are happy to be working with them.”

Lee Faetz, Ecommerce Director, Evans Cycles


Where will my Productcaster ads show on Google?

There is no change. Your Shopping ads placed by Productcaster will show on Google search results page and the shopping tab. To avoid user confusion, they are also shown on the Productcaster website. All Comparison Shopping Sites, including Google Shopping, have the same opportunities to place ads on your behalf on Google general search results pages. No ad space is reserved for any particular Comparison Shopping Site.


Will the customer not be able to click directly to the retailer?

The customers’ journey will remain completely unchanged, they will go straight through to the product page of the retailer if they click anywhere on the Shopping ad. The only change being the link in Shopping ad where it says ‘By Google’ will change to ‘By Productcaster’ – our comparison site brand name, if people click on this link as happens now they will be directed through to the Comparison Shopping Site in these examples either to the Google Shopping page or the Productcaster CSS website. If people click on the ‘By Productcaster’ link you are not charged for this.


Will my products be shown several times next to one another?

Google do their best not to show multiple instances of a product from a single merchant. If Google identifies that the same product from the same merchant has been uploaded by several Comparison Shopping Sites, they only show it once in the ad unit.

Different products from the same merchant can appear via several Comparison Shopping Sites in the same unit. For example, if a user searches for running shoes, one model of running shoe you sell may appear in an ad from Comparison Shopping Site A while another model appears in an ad from Comparison Shopping Site B. The CPCs paid by the winning Comparison Shopping Sites also do not increase in such a scenario because a merchant is never second-priced against itself.

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