Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

Reaching millions of potential customers each day

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In an effort to improve competition within the shopping auction, Google has implemented a thorough training and certification process in order to certify accredited comparison shopping partners. As an official partner we have in-depth knowledge of technical setup and campaign management. We are perfectly placed to help retailers and advertisers make the most of Google Shopping ads, reaching millions of potential customers each day.

A new opportunity for advertisers

  • Following the EU antitrust ruling last year, Google created a programme for comparison shopping sites such as Kelkoo to appear in the general search results page from September 2017
  • The objective of this initiative is to increase the competition in Google’s shopping ad space (ads are not just ‘by Google’)
  • Google are offering favourable CPC rates to advertisers who use the new Comparison Shopping format including an ad credit of up to 32k Euros every 30 days based on a spend match against an advertiser’s spend
Example of Productcaster in Google CSS

What changes?

  • Google Shopping ads activity is still managed through Adwords (there are no changes to the settings, targeting or optimisation)
  • The only change is that activity is managed through a Comparison Shopping Site (CSS) Merchant Centre
  • The customer journey on Google will be very similar to the current journey and all ads will feature in the same auction
  • The customers’ primary destination will remain completely unchanged, going straight through to the product page of the retailer
  • The only change in the customer journey is the link in Shopping advert where it says ‘by Google’ will change to the comparison site brand name.

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